The Polybiome team have had the exciting opportunity to become part of BioJúnior program in a dynamic session with scientific activities for high school students encouraging them to join our enthusiasm in science

BioJunior is an event organized at Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB), with the coordination of all the centres, where students at their last years of high school education come to visit the facilities in the PRBB and assist several talks, and all this with the aim of arousing scientific interest within young people.

Our team prepared a talk that travels through the history of synthetic biology with outstanding examples developed by groups and students from around the world. We also did not lose the opportunity to introduce them our own project always cheering them to be enterprising and never give up their ideas and thoughts.

The audience seemed to be interested and focused their attention to us, allowing our speech to reach each of them. Actually, some interesting questions arose which span from general questions about our background studies and knowledge to specific questions about our insight of some controversial aspects of our project. Some of them even became really interested about the possibility of doing something similar and participate in iGEM competition as high school students.


We indeed ended up the morning with the precious feeling of having contributed a little bit to the future of science.

For more information about other activities hold during the event the complete program can be found in the PRBB site.


Finally, we want to announce our new web page. You will find plenty of information about our project and our experiences along the project. Do not hesitate and visit us!


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